Deployment Options

This is another feature that makes Claudio unique compared to other competitors on the market, that are specialized on the Web only. The union of Claudio and GreenVulcano ESB, can fit all your needs like a tailored suit! Next you can see some examples of deployments:


This is the easiest deployment solution. You can have your own private domain of Claudio on the web.

For example: https://<Your name> 

Depending on your needs and what you already have in house, we can integrate additional services (CRM, DBs, etc.) on the same cloud or integrate the systems you already have.

On premises

This option can be used whenever you need to have Claudio installed on your machines. In some cases this option can best address security needs. Visibility to and from external services (mail, Twitter, Google Drive, etc.) needs to be configured manually.


This option permits getting the best out of both worlds (Cloud + On-premises). Claudio has been designed with this hybrid architecture in mind. The cloud component of Claudio communicate with its counterpart (the GreenVulcano ESB) installed within the Company walls to facilitate the interoperability with all services already available in the Company, that are usually not exposed on the Web.