Node that allow you to manipulate the GVBuffer feature. This is permitted by various sub-elements:

  • SimpleGVBufferBodyBuilder: an element that allow the body setting of the Deel Buffer
  • Script: element with which you can write in Javascript in order to manipulate the buffer;
  • PropertyDef: it defines a particular property in the buffer;
  • OutputServices: useful for tidy execution of output services
    • Data Transformation;
    • XMl Validation;
    • Scripting.

Developer Studio (VulCon)/GV Console configuration

Node GVCore element Description
ChangeGVBuffer ChangeGVBufferNode Allows to make a change to the data buffer.

The ChangeGVBufferNode is a Flow element that extends FlowNode. It has the following attributes:

Attribute Type Description
op-type fixed This attribute must assume the value change GVBuffer.
class fixed This attribute must assume the value it.greenvulcano.gvesb.core.flow.ChangeGVBufferNode.

Its subelements are:

  • ChangeGVBuffer
  • OutputServices