Iterator SubFlowCall

Iterator SubFlowCall: Allows you to make a call to a SubFlow in an iterative manner.

Developer Studio(Vulcon)/ GV Console Configuration

Iteration node GVIterationOperationNode Sub-element Description
Iterator SubFlowCall SubFlowCall Invokes a GreenVulcano® ESB operation's SubFlow.

The GVIteratorOperationNode is a Flow element that extends FlowNode. The iterations are made on the elements of a collection built by a CollectionDataProvider configured through the attribute ‘collection-DP’.
Collection elements are inserted in the GVBuffer object to pass to the plug-in with which loop through invocations.
You can configure a condition of premature exit from the loop.
By default, even if a particular iteration throws an exception all the iterations will be executed anyway.

The following table shows the GVIteratorOperationNode element’s attributes:

Attribute Type Description
class fixed This attribute must assume the value it.greenvulcano.gvesb.core.flow.GVIteratorOperationNode.
op-type required Indicatesthe type of operation that GreenVulcano® ESB must execute:
  • call: perform an VCL invocation
  • enqueue: perform a send a message.
  • corecall: execute an service call.
  • subcall: execute an subflow call.
collection-dp optional Name of Data Provider to use. Must return a collection of objects.
The attribute's value can't be null.
accumulate-output optional If true, output of each iteration is to an array containing the previous iteration's output.
Default is true.


This element defines the parameters to invoke a GreenVulcano® ESB Operation’s SubFlow.
Dynamic fields can contains the placeholders that will be replaced at runtime.

The following table shows the SubFlowCall element’s attributes:

Attribute Type Description
dynamic optional If true then SubFlow attribute might contain placeholders to be resolved at runtime.
The default is false.
subflow required Name of SubFlow to call.
ref-dp optional Name of Data provider to use for modifying the GVBuffer content at each iteration.
change-log-context optional If true change the log context fields according to the new Operation(SubFlow) value.
Default true.