Guide to the new functionality of deploy on GV ESB V4 alpha1

The new process of deploy is based on two distinct phases: installation of the configuration and release of a configuration installed.

Installation of the configuration:

  • Connect to gvconsole;
  • Sign in with your credentials
  • Go to the “Deploy” section through the sidemenu.
  • Here you can see information about the current configuration on the karaf instance, and a list of added configurations on which you can deploy (initially empty);
  • To add a new configuration, click the orange button “+”;
  • Click “Browse” select the file .zip of the configuration needed to add to the list, select an ID (Be careful! If you choose an ID already chosen, the current configuration will be overwritten by the new one.
  • Click “Add”.
  • You will see the added configuration on the list of the configurations.
  • Select the configuration from the list and click on “Deploy” or on the trash can symbol to delete the configurations.


  • It is possible to cancel the deploy clicking the “Cancel” button at any time .

Step 1:

  • It will show a list of current Services and Operations (inside Services) in both GVCore.xml of the new configuration. In addition there is a button for displaying the GVCore.xml as a file.
  • After verifying that the configuration is ok, click on “Next”

Step 2:

  • Here will be displayed the current properties of the new GVCore.xml with a blank space to add the value. In case the property is already in GVCore.xml of the current configuration, the value already associated will be displayed. You can decide to leave the value, or simply change the current one and writing a new one. A control is associated to the page so that all properties must be filled, otherwise it will not be possible to continue with the deployment as it could lead to an error in the use of the services. When you will be able to value all the properties click on the “Next” button.

Step 3:

  • A confirm is requested, to confirm click on “Proceed”.

Reload Configuration:

  • To make effective the deploy of the configuration, click on the reload button (next to “Export”) to refresh the system.


  • The configuration just loaded will be displayed on “Current Configuration” and the date changed.
  • If you need to export the configuration, click on “Export” and select the directory in which you need to save the configuration extension.
  • Enjoy GV ESB Evolution!