GreenVulcano Server

GreenVulcano® 4 ESB is Java-OSGI-based to support complex SOA architectures. Its multi-layer architecture allows an unlimited customization, solving most of enterprise integration issues like exchanging data between existing systems. Many plugins and adapters are already available for a huge flexibility.

Features of GV4:

  • High transactions volume.
  • Large number of interconnected systems and different protocols supported.
  • Response in near real time.
  • Availability of technology adapters (Database, File, Web Services, e-Mail, etc), ready to be extended.
  • Availability of application adapters, ready to be extended.
  • Powerful and flexible Data transformation engine.
  • Possibility of “hot” code changes/extensions, with no need of tedious server maintenance restart cycles.
  • Possibility of dividing GV instances by businesses/customers/technologies: changes and extensions within one of such does not involve the other instances.
  • Possibility of clustering, to ensure load divisions between different nodes.