What is GreenVulcano?

GreenVulcano® 4 ESB is an Enterprise Service Bus, Open Source, fully developed by one of the most experienced EAI teams, derived from a deep understanding of the topic on vendor products and from the direct participation in implementations of ESB systems. As an analogy, GreenVulcano can be the swiss knife to use in the integration jungle.

The ESB GreenVulcano approach
Having to deal with an extensive amount of business components, the so called “spaghetti” solution becomes hard to extend and maintain.

Instead, within a SOA context, where business logic is executed from a group of software components, an ESB as GV is capable of ensure interoperability between different types of systems, using an easily expandable set of architectural components.

GreenVulcano suite comprehends 3 different software components, to use in the different project lifecycle contexts (development, usage, administration):

  • GreenVulcano Developer Studio, used as a service designing tool allows to develop and test the business services, using its unique framework capabilities
  • GreenVulcano Server, used as a server container for all the services deployed, to keep the customer’s business up and running, 24/7
  • GreenVulcano Console, used to manage the Server with different available operational level (admin, customer, etc.)