Integration, made easy

Nowadays, integration problems and maintenance are a recurrent nightmare to many companies. Usually the integration context can be shrinked down to a set of known issues, relating to a set of known technologies and patterns.
GreenVulcano as an ESB was born as an answer to these issues, making the solution easy to implement through a powerful yet thin framework, also letting the developer to extend the types of issues supported.

Since most of this recurring issues can be catalogued individually, GV 4 ESB is capable to solve them individually, usually using individual functional units (that later will be introduced them as nodes), such as:

  • DataBase interactions (queries, reports, etc.)
  • WebService interactions
  • JMS queue interactions
  • Email sending
  • SAP interactions
  • FTP interactions
  • File managing
  • Social Networks interactions (such as Twitter)
  • etc.

Once such functional units are placed on the design flow canvas and configured with easy intuitive infos, the flow is able to use them leaving the technical details to the framework, meaning less effort to waste for the analyst/developer.
GV framework is meant to be easy to use, with high adaptability and re-usability.