Fixed attributes:

  • Class.
  • Type.

Implied attributes:

  • RespCharacterEncoding: CharacterEncoding to handle responses to the external system. Default to UTF-8.
  • read-request-header: If ‘true’ reads the request HTTP headers and provide them with the request parameters. Default: false.
  • RespContentType: ContentType to be declared while handling HTTP responses to the external system. Default to text/html.
  • ReqCharacterEncoding: CharacterEncoding to be used to handle requests from external system. Default to UTF-8.
  • HandlePostBodyAsParams: If true force the POST body to be handled as application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type. Default is false.
  • ResponseOnError-HTTPCode: If != -1 force the adapter to respond with the given http code on case of error. Default is -1 (disabled).


ExtendedInboundParamHandlerFormatter has the followong subelements:

  • RequestParams (optional).
  • RequestContent (optional).
  • GVBufferDefaultValues (optional).
  • OpTypeDefaultValue (optional).
  • ResponseParams (optional).
  • Description (optional).